Forgiveness – God’s strength in our weakness

Darrell Scott speaks of the Columbine School Shootings on April 20, 1999 that took the life of his precious daughter, Rachel.  He speaks of the forgiveness God gave to him to be able to let go of his anger toward Eric and Dylan who took her life.  He testifies of God’s faithfulness in helping his son Craig to forgive and heal by the power of God.  Craig was in the library when his friends were killed all around him.  He struggled for a year with his anger, fear and trauma.  After Rachel’s passing, Darrell found an essay she wrote on ‘My Ethics and Codes of Life’ listing compassion and forgiveness as foundational in her life. Through the testimony of her faith in God, Rachel helped her family to be strengthen in their faith and trust in God as well, which helped them to forgiveness and to go on with their lives through this terrible tragedy.



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